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It is recommended that your viewing audience is no closer than 1 Meter for every 1 mm of pixel pitch, so that people see video and not the individual pixels. For example, with a 3.8 mm pixel pitch wall, the minimum recommended

viewing distance is 12.6' (3.8 meters).

The exception to this is when you simply prefer a higher resolution than what the minimum recommended viewing pixel pitch provides, at which point you can either buy a larger wall (for more pixels) or a tighter pixel pitch.

For example, the actual resolution of a 3.8 mm pixel pitch wall at a size of 16' by 9' is 1280x720. To get 1920x1080 video resolution with your LED video wall, you would need to increase your 3.8mm pixel pitch wall to 24' by 13.5' in size, or go to a 2.5 mm pixel pitch for the same 16'x9' LED video wall.


For the LUZ DIAMOND 3.9 LED video wall tiles, which are our most common tile sold, IT IS recommendED no more than 20 tiles per 20-amp circuit of power, with no more than 10 tiles paralleled on one outlet. Tiles from different manufacturers, series, or a different pixel pitch will have different power requirements. With any LED video wall you order from STATEWIDE PRODUCTIONS, we'll include a drawing set that specifies the complete power needs of your LED video wall for discussion with your electrician and/or Electrical Engineer.

Installing DIY vs. professional installation?

The electronics and wiring aspects of LED video walls are the easier part of installing a wall. The complexity comes in hanging or wall mounting the tiles. It's critical to ensure tiles are hung/mounted level, with equal weight distribution, or else you will see some slight bowing or gapping in the tiles, which will lead to a poor viewing experience. But most importantly, these weigh a significant amount and must be installed securely for the safety of those on stage and potentially those in the audience. If you have any question on whether you can safely install 1,000-2,000 lbs of LED video wall, please allow us to discuss professional installation with your LED video wall.

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